Airbus is an international pioneer and leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale. Airbus Defence and Space will work with Kx to develop an innovative approach for large scale processing of geospatial data using the Kx analytics platform. It is anticipated that Kx and Airbus Defence and Space will collaborate with large corporates, research bodies and start-ups to help exploit this ground-breaking technology in markets such as energy, rail/civil engineering, natural resources, maritime surveillance, agriculture, finance and facilities management.

Kx technology featured in First Derivatives and Airbus Defence and Space collaboration

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is one of the leading Formula One racing teams. Kx has been appointed an Innovation Partner to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing following the success of its existing relationship. The extended partnership reflects the desire of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to apply Kx technology’s unmatched performance for ingesting and analyzing sensor data to a wider range of applications, based on the competitive advantage their use of Kx has delivered to date.

Kx appointed Innovation Partner to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Sensors Working Overtime

The availability of Kx on the AWS Marketplace enables financial services companies to streamline time to market, scale as required, and concentrate on business results. It enables customers to either sign up online with their AWS Marketplace credentials, or bring their own licenses and deploy directly on the AWS Marketplace. They can also benefit from the new kdb+ on demand licensing model directly from their AWS Marketplace account, and can use kdb+ on the AWS Marketplace for future container-based deployment.

Kx offers kdb+ on the AWS Marketplace for deployment speed and efficiency
Migrating a kdb+ historical database to the Amazon Cloud

The Kx platform (including cores) is cloud-ready. We have established both a technical and services partnership with Azure to assist clients and are enabling them to execute a “lift and shift” of their Kx deployment to the cloud.

DataRobot is the leader in enterprise AI and the category creator and leader in automated machine learning. Organizations worldwide use DataRobot to empower the teams they already have in place to rapidly build and deploy machine learning models and create advanced AI applications. The integration of Kx technology and its time-series database and DataRobot’s Automated Time Series solution leverages the speed and scale of kdb+ to automatically create, deploy, manage, and monitor time-aware machine learning models.

Kx Partners with DataRobot to Unleash AI-Driven Solutions By Extending Time-Series Capabilities
Kx and DataRobot Solution Brief

Google Cloud makes it as easy as possible for customers to deploy, purchase and manage leading solutions in the cloud. With availability on Google Cloud Launcher, Kx brings the increased efficiencies and scalability of the kdb+ database system to Google Cloud Platform, simplifying procurement processes and allowing customers to focus on building a successful business. Kx received the 2018 Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year for Financial Services award.

Kx – Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year – Financial Services is the creator of the leading open source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of data scientists driving value in over 18,000 enterprises globally and Kx Partnership Provides Faster Insights on Time-Series Data
Keynote by Mark Sykes, Kx - Bringing Wall Streets Secret to H2O users

Hosted in Silicon Valley by the SETI Institute, NASA FDL is an applied artificial intelligence research accelerator developed in partnership with NASA’s Ames Research Center. NASA FDL aims to apply AI technologies to challenges in space exploration by pairing machine learning expertise with space science and exploration researchers from academia and industry. Kx is part of a group of industry-leaders, including Google Cloud, Intel, IBM and Lockheed Martin, supporting FDL.

Kx leverages AI to solve new space challenges, in partnership with NASA FDL
Kx extends relationship with NASA Frontier Development Lab and the SETI Institute

Serving more than 40,000 institutions in approximately 190 countries, Refinitiv provides information, insights and technology that drive innovation and performance in global financial markets. Refinitiv enables the financial community to trade smarter and faster, overcome regulatory challenges, and scale intelligently. Kx is partnering with Refinitiv, using the ability of Kx technology to enable real-time analytics on very large datasets to power its Velocity Analytics service.