Kx is proud to provide industry acclaimed support for our customers, starting with free, onsite evaluations for qualified prospects with application requirements well-suited for Kx technology.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to customer needs, typically responding to technical inquiries within minutes, and offering solutions within the day; these are responses from knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the code at a very deep level, not scripted responses from an outsourced support center.

Beyond this, we offer a full ecosystem of resources - of both the material and the human variety - that enhances the experiences of our customers.



Kx Documentation Site
Please refer to the Kx language reference for documentation and guides for programming in kdb+. You will find kdb+ tutorials here, an online copy of Q for Mortals 3 as well as a wealth of other important information for building kdb+ applications, including a range of technical white papers.

kdb+ Google Group
An open Google discussion group for users of the Personal Developer edition of kdb+.

kdb+ Listbox
If you work at a company that has licensed kdb+, submit your company email address to join the kdb+ Listbox here.

Kx on GitHub
Developers from around the world share some of their best kdb+ code, libraries, and frameworks on GitHub, and Kx features them on its corporate GitHub page. Please send along your great kdb+ ideas to .

Support Resources

Kx's core technology, the kdb+ time-series database, is renowned for its computational speed and performance, as well as the simplicity of its architecture for large-scale data analytics.

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Kx announces kdb+ 3.7t test release which offers native support for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory technology

24 Oct 2019 | , , , ,

NEWRY, OCTOBER 24, 2019 — Kx, a division of First Derivatives plc, announces the release of kdb+ 3.7t, the latest version of its time-series database, kdb+. This test version of kdb+ includes a number of new features that enhance performance, security and interoperability with other technologies. Key among these features is support for Intel Optane […]

Kx releases latest version of its enterprise platform and data science tools

11 Jul 2019 | , ,

(11 July 2019) Kx, a division of First Derivatives, announces the release of upgraded versions of the Kx Enterprise Platform, Kx Dashboards, Kx Developer Tools and Kx Machine Learning. This combined release, containing over 100 new features, encompasses enhancements to the full suite of developer and end-user products from Kx, and further solidifies Kx technology’s […]


Kx 3.4 adds encryption, Tableau integration & better compression

Kx Whitepaper – Mass ingestion through data loaders

12 Dec 2019 |

By Enda Gildea As data volumes continue to increase it poses a particular challenge to ingest, process, persist, and report upon batch received updates in a timely manner. One solution to this problem is to use a batch-processing model in kdb+, the requirements and considerations of which will differ from a standard tick architecture. In […]

Kx Whitepaper: Option Pricing Methods in kdb+/q

2 Dec 2019 |

By Deanna Morgan As an addition the technical whitepapers curated on the Kx Developer’s site, this paper compares methods of pricing options in kdb+/q. This work looks specifically at Black-Scholes, Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods and the use of Sobol sequences to improve results, in place of more traditional random number generation algorithms. This […]

TEST Transferring data between BigQuery and kdb+ TEST

13 Nov 2019 |

by Ferenc Bodon Kdb+ and BigQuery are two widely used, robust and popular database systems. BigQuery is a fully managed, massively parallel, cloud database solution created by Google. It is built into the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Kdb+ is a high-performance time-series data store, famous for its powerful query language q that makes analyzing very […]