Kx is proud to provide industry acclaimed support for our customers, starting with free, onsite evaluations for qualified prospects with application requirements well-suited for Kx technology.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to customer needs, typically responding to technical inquiries within minutes, and offering solutions within the day; these are responses from knowledgeable staff who are familiar with the code at a very deep level, not scripted responses from an outsourced support center.

Beyond this, we offer a full ecosystem of resources - of both the material and the human variety - that enhances the experiences of our customers. Current licensed customers can contact us using the following addresses:



Kx Documentation Site
Please refer to the Kx Documentation Site for documentation and reference guides for programming in kdb+. You will find an introduction and kdb+ tutorials here, as well as a wealth of other important information for building kdb+ applications, including a range of Developer Brief guides.

kdb+ Google Group
An open Google discussion group for users of the Personal Developer edition of kdb+.

kdb+ Listbox
If you work at a company that has licensed kdb+, submit your company email address to join the kdb+ Listbox here.

Kx on GitHub
Developers from around the world share some of their best kdb+ code, libraries, and frameworks on GitHub, and Kx features them on its corporate GitHub page. Please send along your great kdb+ ideas to .

Support Resources

Kx offers a 32-bit version of kdb+ for free so you can try it for yourself and see how powerful and fast it is. This download has all the compatibility and functionality of the full 64-bit version, and is for non-commercial use only. A Raspberry Pi version is also available. Click below to download Kdb+ today.

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Kx to power global Smart Cities with Urban Institute

27 Feb 2019 | , , , ,

– Rollout to start in the Australian cities of Brisbane and Darwin –  (27 February 2019) Kx is set to power the next generation of smart cities, enabling operational intelligence to be embedded into vital infrastructure such as road, water, phone and power systems. Kx will enable the Urban Institute’s smart data analytics platform, UrbanPulse, […]

Kx appointed Innovation Partner to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

13 Feb 2019 | , , , ,

Kx has been appointed an Innovation Partner to Aston Martin Red Bull Racing following the success of its existing relationship with the leading F1 team. The extended partnership reflects the desire of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing to apply Kx technology’s unmatched performance for ingesting and analyzing sensor data to a wider range of applications, based on the competitive advantage their use of Kx has delivered to date.

Kx offers kdb+ on the AWS Marketplace for deployment speed and efficiency

7 Feb 2019 | , ,

(7 February 2019) Kx, a leader in high-performance computing, announces that its kdb+ time-series database is now offered on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. Kx provides a managed cloud migration service and kdb+ on demand which allows customers to leverage the speed and performance of kdb+ for time-series analytics on large-scale streaming, real-time and historical […]


Kx Product Insights: OAuth2 authorization using kdb+

29 May 2019 |

By Daniel Walsh What is OAuth2 OAuth provides a means of accessing resources using the HTTP protocol. It is an open-standard authorization protocol or framework that provides applications the ability for “secure designated access”. A practical example would be the ability to download contacts from Gmail, into an application or alternatively, upload contacts from the […]

CMC SERICES: IBOR Reform: A Well-rested Goliath

28 May 2019 |

by Michael Gorman, Global Head, Regulatory & Compliance Practice Making preparations for 2019 – 2020 1.  A Sleeping Giant no more IBOR reform is not new. It has been on most firms’ radar for the past few years. And, although some market participants have well-established programmes in place, others are just starting to organise themselves […]

Technology Scaling – BitMEX on the Road to 100x

28 May 2019 |

The BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange was launched in 2014 and currently averages daily trading volumes of US$3Bn. BitMEX built its matching and margining engine on kdb+ and cite the technology’s flexibility and speed in enabling them to pivot their product offerings twice: in the first instance from low-leverage inverse and quanto futures to high-leverage ones, […]