Kx Super Meetup London

On March 7, 2019 we held a Super Meet Up in London at The Bike Shed. Christened “Super” because of a few things – the venue, the audience numbers, the calibre of speaker and not least because we had the Aston Martin Red Bull F1 car in situ on the evening, and what an attraction it was.

The 300 strong crowd were regaled with lots of practical insights into how AWS, H20 and Paddy Power Betfair were dealing with data management across their organisations but in particular how banks were dealing with moving to the Cloud, how Kx was working with H20 to power its machine learning platform, and how Paddy Power Betfair had used kdb+ to completely change their approach to dealing with irregular accounts. The videos below are live recordings of those talks and are well worth the watch.

A fantastic evening undoubtedly and one that has raised the bar for Super Meet Ups going forward. Until the next one…