Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. They are a leader in designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace products, services and solutions to customers on a global scale.

Kx technology featured in First Derivatives and Airbus Defence and Space collaboration

BroadBridge combines artificial intelligence and data science with advanced visualization techniques to present AI output in a way non-data scientists across organizational boundaries can understand, interpret, and use, to gain new insights into their security posture and apply automated countermeasures.

Kx selected by BroadBridge Networks to power its cybersecurity platform

Gyana is a self-service analytics platform that provides retailers, investors, and consultants with information about human behavior, allowing them to more accurately assess consumer demand for their locations. The software uses a set of proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms that analyze data from over 65 providers including WiFi, GPS, apps, transactions, and telecoms.

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UK big data company named a Gartner Cool Vendor
Tech pioneer Gyana senses mood using big data analytics
Gyana CEO one of the most influential women in UK tech
Kx to power Gyana AI’s next generation analytics platform is the creator of the leading open-source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of data scientists driving value in over 18,000 enterprises globally. and Kx Partnership Provides Faster Insights on Time-Series Data
Keynote by Mark Sykes, Kx - Bringing Wall Streets Secret to H2O users

Quantile analyses clients’ trade data, harnessing advanced technology to create multilateral transaction solutions that reduce counterparty risk. This results in lower capital and margin costs for derivative market users and increased market liquidity.

Quantile wins OTC Infrastructure Service of the Year
Quantile granted ‘Approved Compression Service Provider’ at LCH
Quantile completes margin-optimisation cycle with CME
Powered by Kx: Quantile Technologies

Red Sift provides a data analysis platform that is purpose-built for the challenges of cybersecurity. By harnessing the power of AI it securely collates, computes and visualizes data from thousands of individual signals to help organizations optimize their cybersecurity.

Red Sift Founder interviewed by The Digital Enterprise
Rust, meet q
Red Sift CEO named a data leader finalist
Global Cyber Alliance names eight industry leaders as GCA Ambassadors
Kx selected by Red Sift to power cloud-based cybersecurity platform

RxDataScience created a large suite of apps across the entire pharmaceutical and healthcare value chain. These apps contain advanced analytics and data science insight, and sit on top of large datasets enabling business analysts and non-programmers to extract business value from healthcare data.

IIT-Mandi and Rx Data Science collaborate in artificial intelligence project
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Kx technology to support RxDS as it moves to disrupt healthcare and pharma analytics market

The [ui!] GROUP is active around the globe and advises municipalities, cities and metropolitan regions on strategic planning for the realization of ambitious smart city objectives, including climate change impact mitigation, traffic and parking management, infrastructure upgrades and new energy strategies for even smarter cities.

Kx Use Case: Data analytics transforming next generation Smart City solutions

Zipabout leverages complex and disparate big datasets integrated with the latest digital technologies to transform the experience of all those using the transport network. The Zipabout platform improves the customer experience by delivering personalized passenger communications in real-time, all precisely tailored to their individual needs for a seamless multi-modal journey.

National Rail uses Zipabout technology to communicate with passengers
East Midlands Trains using Zipabout for passenger communications
Zipabout to help reduce travel anxiety
Zipabout to supply Smart City technology
Kx selected by Zipabout to power intelligent transportation platform