The Kx OEM Software Partner Program offers a range of partnership options for third-party solution developers who want to embed Kx technology into their edge, fog, cloud, and on-premise applications.

  • Significantly improve the performance, scalability, and TCO of your solution
  • Reduce time-to-market with solution accelerators and reusable components using Kx technology
  • Access support and proven expertise in big fast data processing and analytics across edge, fog, cloud, and mobile applications
  • Access our comprehensive suite of kdb+ resources, libraries, and training

If you are interested in licensing kdb+ for commercial use, evaluating,  conducting a proof of concept, or learning more about kdb+ or Kx products, please email 



How do I qualify to become an OEM Partner?

To become a Partner you must embed Kx technology into your solution, but provide no direct end-user access to kdb+ and its programming capabilities. The following conditions also apply

  • Kx technology use is restricted to the specific application, system or solution
  • The Partner is responsible for first-level support and all interactions with end-customer
  • The Partner is responsible for the implementation, installation, and support of integrated solution
  • The Partner must maintain separate development and test environments in order to replicate issues or bugs experienced by customer
  • The Partner must have dedicated resources trained in Kx technology to support the solution
What kind of pricing is available for OEM Partners?

Pricing is aligned to the specific application deployment and sales model of your integrated solution. Discounts and custom pricing is available for edge, server, on-premises and cloud deployments.

How much faster will my application be powered by Kx?

We see our customers with data-intensive applications improve their data ingestion, transaction, processing, analytics, retrievals by 10x to 500x compared to alternative relational and NoSQL based technologies.

The degree of improvement will depend on the nature of your workload, application architecture, and underlying compute storage, and network infrastructure. Find out more on why Kx is the world's fastest time-series database.

Do you have examples of successful solutions or applications?

We have several case examples that fully demonstrate customer applications and success, that have been created or supported by partners. All presentations are available on request from our Partner Program team.

What if I need help building and implementing an application with Kx technology?

Kx can provide professional services to support your project. We can also provide custom training to your team to accelerate their progress.

Application development accelerators are also available in the form of development tools such as Analyst, Stream, Control, and Dashboards.

We can also provide custom POC’s on pilot or large scale projects, to demonstrate our performance. Once both parties agree on the success criteria of the POC we can provide resources to manage this or implement onsite.

For a quick overview on connectivity, interfaces, interoperability, performance, scalability and deployment check out our Kx FAQ. You can also explore developer resources and full documentation and reference material on how to get started with Kx here.

Can I download kdb+ for free?

Yes! You can download a free 64-bit on-demand version of kdb+ and a free 32-bit version, both for non-commercial use. Feel free to download either one, or both, by clicking here.

Can I attend Kx training workshops and get a discount on training even if I’m still going through the partnering process?

We run free public/webinar training on a regular basis. Check here for the nearest event to you.

Custom and on-site training rate cards are available.

Training and reference resources can be found here.

What support options are available?

Standard maintenance support available on kdb+ as part of license agreement.

Kx can provide additional support to Partner under a separate support agreement.

Who can I speak to if I have sales or support questions?

Your Partner Manager will be able to work with you to introduce you to a specific account manager when there is a joint opportunity at a customer.

Do your provide partner exclusivity for an industry or region?

We do not currently provide exclusivity to partners for a specific market or region. There could be some exceptions based on further industry validation and discussion with your Partner Manager.

Do customers need any specific licenses to use third-party software?

Yes for the operating system. (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Linux) where kdb+ would run on.

How do I get started?
  1. Fill out the form
  2. Speak to a member of the Kx sales team
  3. Enter into an OEM license agreement with Kx