Kx Analyst

Leveraging the power and performance of kdb+ database technology, Kx Analyst couples powerful interactive development tools with a wide range of data manipulation and exploration tools for the ultimate Big Data analysis experience.

Now, data analysts and scientists can effortlessly load, transform, query, and visualize massive datasets in near real-time with minimal or no programming.

For users familiar with programming, the environment also offers tools for creating, editing, debugging, testing, and versioning kdb+ Big Data applications.


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Full Featured Interactive Development Environment for q and kdb+

Built for Big Data exploration and development, Kx Analyst offers Git version control, a powerful interactive code editor with built-in q linting and qDoc support.

It also provides a complete test-driven development framework with support for automated test creation using a behavioural driven (BDD) testing framework and a property library for automatically generating test cases. Code coverage is also supported.

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Full Featured Interactive Development Environment for q and kdb+

Big Data ETL & Query without Programming

Kx Analyst provides a powerful transformation (ETL) tool that enables users to import, transform, join, and export any sized dataset without programming. Operations such as type casting, column renaming and reordering, data filling, and complex query filtering are all supported.

Data Import and Export Wizards help analysts process CSV, TSV, JSON, XML, INI, ODBC/JDBC and any kdb+ datasets using a point-and-click interface.

Big Data Pre-Built and Custom Graphics Support

Visual Inspector provides pre-built visualizations (e.g. lines, bars, heat maps, geographic maps, etc.) using a point-and-click interface. In addition, a complete visualization library can be used to create any kind of custom visualization or dashboard. Either approach allows you to render millions of data points in seconds!

By leveraging Kx’s server-side rendering technology, analysts are able to query and visualize tens of millions of records in a few seconds. This means that analysts can now search for and find patterns in large datasets in seconds or minutes, rather than days or weeks.
Big Data Pre-Built and Custom Graphics Support


For those who prefer a more data-centric interface, Kx Analyst provides the Big Data Spreadsheet. User can manipulate and explore massive datasets with q or qSQL using an intuitive spreadsheet interface. Common spreadsheet operations are supported.

Big Data Spreadsheet users can work incrementally with their datasets performing analytical computations, building up queries and moving seamlessly between analysis and visualization using formatting and validation scripts and the grammar of graphics q library.



Kx Analyst lets you perform text analysis on structured, semi-structured and unstructured text files. Text can be imported from a directory
structure, an email mailbox file (.mbox), or a variable containing a list of strings or a table containing a text column.

Functionality includes tokenizing, part-of-speech classification, parsing, lemmatizing, dependency parsing, sentence detection, and per-document keyword detection.

To access Kx Analyst talk to your kdb+ system administrator. If you don't have those contact details please email below.